Our CBD oils, which  are derived naturally from organically distilled hemp, are infused in rich coconut and hemp seed carrier oils and are brought to you in 5%, 10% and 25% concentrations. Some of their many benefits include the alleviation of anxiety, improvement in quality of sleep, pain management and reduced inflammation.

All our CBD oils are produced and tested in Switzerland; 100% certified organic and sustainable; free from additives, artificial flavours, preservatives and toxins and have not been tested on animals.



At Salunabis¬ģ we are passionate about our¬†powerful blends and their untold benefits for the mind and body. Working with only the most ethical and sustainable producers in Switzerland, we aim to take you on a holistic wellness journey with our meticulously produced skincare formulations.


Sleeping better than I have in years and my anxiety has improved. I've always been a light sleeper but in recent years I developed sleeping problems to the point of managing 3 hours and then being awake all night. Then with all the upheaval of 2020 I became a virtual insomniac and could go a week with less than 25 hours sleep. This was cause mostly because of anxiety and upheaval: the anxiety is something I was diagnosed with years ago and the upheaval of leaving my job, finding a new job, fears over friends and family. Well you get it - recipe for disaster!! So I was given the details of Angela and we met for a coffee and she asked all the right questions. What I didn't realise is she was ensuring I was looking to take CBD for the right reasons. She didn't ask personal questions but really wanted to make sure this was the solution for me. Turns out it was! I was recommended a low dose to start as I had never had anything like this before. My first night on CBD was the best night's sleep I'd had this year, if not for a couple of years to be honest. I don't take it every night, just when I know I'm stressed or need a deep sleep. Cannot recommend Angela and her product enough and encourage anyone with a query to just reach out and see Thank you again!!

Marina M. on her 5% CBD Purchase

Great for reducing anxiety and getting a good nights' sleep. I've ordered a 5% CBD oil from Salunabis as per a friend's recommendation. I used to have a hard time sleeping the whole night through due to a mild post-traumatic anxiety. Few days after ordering it, I received the oil, very well packaged and promptly delivered. I started taking it every evening and from the first dose (2-4 drops) I could tell the positive effects: I slept the whole night through, woke up the next morning well-rested and refreshed and haven't noticed any other kind of side effects. I still have some oil left, but will most likely get some more; it does me so much good...Thanks a lot Salunabis!

Miguel on his 5% CBD purchase

I have improved my quality of life. I was totally unaware of the properties of CBD to stabilize mood and improve sleep. A friend explained to me that in the US and other countries the consumption of CBD is common because of the improvements it brings and because it is totally innocuous and has no side effects. I take it alternately one day and one day no, and both my mood, level of fatigue and quality of sleep have improved substantially. Great

Toni on his 5% CBD purchase

Excellent product! Excellent product! CBD 10% helps you get a good, restful sleep. I recommend it in case of stress and need to relax. Thank you to the salunabis team for their answers and information on the use of their product.

Geraldine on her 10% CBD purchase

Nuria on Oct 04, 2020 I have suffered from mild to medium insomnia issues for many years. From the very first night on while using this oil, I slept through! Additionally, I have noted that my sleep and dreams are calm. Therefore, I am extremely content with the product and will continue using it. Many thanks!

Nuria on her 10% CBD purchase

My experience with Salunabis CBD oil. A friend recommended I try CBD oil earlier this year for my anxiety. Until then, I had never really paid attention to CBD to be honest. Purchased this oil and noticed a difference over time with not just my anxiety, but improved sleep pattern too. Will buy again for sure. Personally, I use about two drops in the morning, another two somewhere mid afternoon and about two more an hour before bed - but I think you do have to figure out what works for you! Thanks Salunabis for the speedy delivery, will be ordering again soon, although might try the Strawberry next.

Nimi on her 10% CBD purchase

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