‘We Rise by Lifting Others’

Robert Ingersoll


About Salunabis ®

Conceived and nurtured along the shores of Spain, Salunabis ® specialises in high-end Swiss skincare and wellness products.

We are passionate about our customers and products, and every product we formulate is one that we have personally tested and truly believe in.

In keeping with our whole body approach to wellness, our experts have meticulously formulated organic health and skincare products that are designed to holistically instil peace in both the mind and body; enlightening whilst empowering our customers to take their health and well being into their own hands.


The newly-flourishing CBD industry is an exotic and un-chartered territory for many, brimming with possibility and showing promising results in the treatment and management of anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and pain.  By separating the myths from the facts, our aim is not to make medical claims about CBD and hemp, but rather to enable our customers to make better-informed choices, thereby improving their overall well being.

This is the story of our journey. Pioneer your own Wellness Journey today.

Discover Our Difference

Our skin care and health formulations are composed of the finest ingredients and sustainable materials, according to Swiss standards. Certified organic, our CBD oils are naturally free from additives, artificial flavours, preservatives and toxins and have not been tested on animals. From production and extraction with gentle CO2, to the bottling, labelling and distribution, everything is done in-house.

In order to further reduce our carbon footprint, and maintain our commitment to protecting the world’s natural environment, our recyclable packaging is produced locally in Europe. Moreover, all of our CBD oils are triple lab tested, undergoing third-party, randomised laboratory testing for cannabinoid content and potency, pesticides and solvents, ensuring that you have the safest, most effective product possible. And with this trust in mind, all of our batch results are published on our website.

Our Non Discrimination Policy

Salunabis® is strongly against racism and any discrimination based on colour, sexual orientation or any other factor. We believe it is a fundamental human right to feel safe and to be treated with basic human dignity, no matter the circumstances and stand in solidarity with all seeking equality, freedom and justice.